Fellowships and Small Groups

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What are Fellowships?

We get it. Churches call them different things. “Small Groups”, “Neighborhood" Groups”, “House Churches”, “Missional Communities” are just a few! Usually they are similar in format. If you’ve ever been a part of something like this, you’ll probably find that our groups are not that different. Ours have a little Anglican twist. We incorporate one of the services from the Book of Common Prayer reading God’s Word and praying for our needs and the needs of others, talk a bit and then have a conversation about the Bible or a book.

Each group is led by a pair of leaders called a “Catechist” which is a historical church word for “teacher”. One Catechist is prepared to lead discussion while the other assisting with the needs of the group and looks outward to the rest of the Fellowship.

A “Fellowship” is a neighborhood or geographic region which covers a lot more than those who might be present at the small group. Whether people can attend the groups or not, they are part of the Fellowship!