Sunday School

As Christians, we believe in the importance of worshipping as a congregation each Sunday. We also recognize that some people can’t come out on a weeknight. During the school year we have Sunday School for children and adults before our service. All of us need to grow in character.


Adult Sunday
School Class

(Sundays 10:15 AM)

“Making the most of your book of common Prayer”
Taught by: The Rev. Sean Templeton, Vicar

The Book of Common Prayer is the Anglican Christian’s primary tool of discipleship. Come and see how to make the most of it in your private devotions as well as understanding its use on Sundays. From September through December we will walk through the new 2019 Book of Common Prayer together. Bring your prayerbook, your bible and any questions you’d like to ask.


Palm Sunday Children.jpg

Children’s Sunday School Class

(Sundays at 10:15 AM)

TAUGHT BY: Ms. Marilym Eble, Ms. Julia LaPlaca, MRs. Katie Hamm, Mrs. Nicole Shedden

We are blessed to have a strong Sunday School teaching team. We have no less than four teachers teaching our children the basics of the faith. (Occasionally, the clergy help out too!) We are using a curriculum called The Kingdom Story. This was developed by St. Matthew’s Anglican Church and has all of the classes online. A typical Sunday School includes: Opening Prayer, Bible Reading, Review, and a related activity. Here is a sample lesson plan.